Can I use asterisk for a VirtualPBX with multiple accts?


I want to have multiple customers using the same asterisk server, each customer with their individual credentials, extensions and functionalities (voicemail, call parking, queue, IVRs, conferences, etc).

Each customer should not see the rest of the customers.

Can I create this type of software using Asterisk?


sure you can do this

you can set up many sets of SIP devices in sip.conf. They don’t care about each other

extensions you separate by context. set up a naming scheme like companyname-extensions, companyname-dialout, etc.

voicemail supports contexts- use exten@context

queues use the same as contexts, queue names according to a naming scheme.

ivr’s are by context already

conferences just assign them different ranges of room numbers and use dialplan logic or something to control who gets what. You can also only give them the PIN to their room(s).

and parking just give different ranges, although as i recall there was a patch or update which added multiple parking lot support…

Thanks IronHelix for your reply.

Can asterisk handle multiple registrations against another proxy? For billing purpose. All the actions performed by CompanyA should use the CompanyA registration, and all the actions performed by CompanyB, should use the CompanyB registration, and so on.

Is this supported by asterisk?



in sip.conf:

register => user:password@proxyname
repeat many times as needed

then for each proxy do

username= etc
etc etc etc

the only problem you will have is correct detection of incoming calls. If the provider doesn’t use the same auth names to send the calls back to you, then it may be incorrectly detected. Thus you may want to put all the SIP proxies in the same context and do

exten => someonesDIDnumber,1,Goto(theircompany-incoming,s,1)
repeat once for each DID.

then for outgoing do

exten => whatever,1,Dial(SIP/theproxynamethathastheiraccount/${EXTEN})


Thanks a lot IronHelix for your help,