Different ring from internal and external calls

Hello to all , I will first describe the situation .
FreePBX it is connected to a Patton sn4120 with 2 BRI , 4 SIP phones connected to the PBX and 22 analog phones connected to the PBX via a grandstream gxw4200 fxs gateway .
The calls come at a Ringroup doing play 7 phones simultaneously ( 3 sip and 4 analog and 1 cordless ) .
That’s it in terms of configuration and it works fine . What the customer asks me ( with the old analog exchange that I replaced it worked) is diversifying the sound of the 6 internal Ringroup depending on whether the call comes from outside or inside .
The models of phones are
3 Grandstream gxp1610
3 ST - 200 ( analog )
1 Brondi Cruise ( cordless )
I do not know why but it seems that this feature to the customer is vital

Thanks in advance

Ringgroups are FreePBX constructs. If you are using FreePBX, please ask on community.freepbx.org/

If you are using the & notation or a ringall queue with the phones as direct members, you will only be able to do this if all the phones accept the same custom header Otherwise you will need to introduce local channels to allow you to set the headers differently for each phone.

The header to use, and whether it can be done at all will depend on the phone.


thanks for reply, i’ll open a post on freepbx support.

I Can user queue, form is indifferents, the goas ring all stategy…

For analog phones i cant’t get extra informations because are very old models, however, suppose to use queue for ringall…what can i do to try different rings?

Thnaks in advance

See lists.digium.com/pipermail/aster … 43470.html for how to set custom cadences on dahdi analogue lines.

I don’tuse dahdi, my fxs gateway is an external granstream…my inbound calls come from trunk sip

They you need to treat it like a SIP phone and find out its custom way of controlling the cadence, if it has one at all.

On a previous Linksys ATA I had, we accomplished distinctive ringing by using ALERT-INFO with code similar to:

exten => s,1,SIPAddHeader(Alert-Info: something) exten => s,2,Dial(SIP/myphone)

The “something” was defined in the ATA’s config, and I had a bunch of configurable options. I’ve also used (different) Alert-Info headers on my Polycom phones with success.

I skimmed the manual for your Grandstream and it didn’t make any mention of distinctive ringing. You may need to contact Grandstream support to see if this is even possible on this ATA, but ultimately, the Grandstream box is what makes the analog phones physically ring, so this is where the support needs to be.

You may also have some difficulty doing distinctive ringing on the analog and the SIP phones at the same time, since the SIP phones may only accept Alert-Info (a,b,c) and the Grandstream may only accept (x,y,z).