Analog ringtone settings

I have a freePBX setup that I am planning to get an 8 port fxs card for. I want to use specific rings for certain purposes. for example when the dock door is picked up it goes directly to a voice menu and if you are pre authorized and put in your pin it rings you through to what ever you want. if you dont have a pin it rings the dock workers analog extension with a nonstandard ring to let them know its the door phone. Also I want to have an emergency ring to the ehs extension including analog ones.

I have poked around some and get an occasional hint that it might be possible but I havent found a how to on it yet.

I think that this can be done in Asterisk DialPlan. But I am not too sure of this can be done via FreePBX. You need to ask FreePBX experts that.

any detales you have would be appriciated. I grebbed freepbx as it was a dropin, im not aginst working up a pure asterisk box if need be.