Internal Ring Tone

Hi All,

I am hoping someone is going to know exactly where this is because I cnnot find it anywhere.

Right, very simple setup with two TDM40B card sin one box. 2 incoming lines and 6 internal extensions. All Analogue.

How can i pass a different ringtone when internal extensions call one another and then have a different tone for when an outside caller is ringing into the PBX? I thought it was part of the “Dial” command but cannot find this anywhere.

ASny help always appreciated.

Do not think there is any way with analog phones. They only understand ring voltage on or off.

 If you had VoIP phones, then you can send them all kinds of commands to ring many different ways. Well, certain models of phones have more capabilities than others but....

I am using spa’s currently sold by linksys. You can set a ring id for a list of known source numbers for your analog phones attached to it. These are the only devices I now of that allow you to change the ring or cadence. I hope that I am wrong that other devices are able to do this, ideally by a sip header, but I spent many hours researching the subject and found no solution other than the spa’s.


if its a sip device you can use SipAddHeader to insert an alert-info header. ie-

SipAddHeader(Alert-Info: Bellcore-DR1) ; (or something like that i don’t remember the exact syntax)

you can also specify distinctive rings with zap channels like this:
Dial(Zap/3r5) dials zap/3 using distinctive ring pattern 5. i believe these are defined in zapata.conf.

on analog channels the dring patterns are sent by varying the cadences of the ringing voltage. You can use this to make a ‘double-ring’ or other such things.