DIfferent ring/follow me options for extention

OK… Here is the issue. The client needs certain people to be rang by priority, gradually adding more people to the ring group/que until the call is answered, hold music being played all the while.

Scenario -
Inbound call should be answered by system, play greeting and ring Receptionist x101 for 20 seconds,
if no answer, ring receptionist x101 and admin x102 for for 20 seconds,if still no answer ring x101, x102, x103, x,104

OK so obviously i could have 3 different ques, but that’s a bit convoluted, especially as i’m going to have the replicate the setup for several departments. BUT using Find me follow me, rinagallv2 i can achieve Exactly what i want for inbound calls… by placing 101 and 102 in followme ringallv2 with 20 seconds initail ring time, then dropping out to a que with 101, 102, 103, and 104.

THE ONLY PROBLEM is internal calls to 101 follow the same path… and hear hold music. Am i missing something or is there not a way to differentiate what happens when an internal call hits an extension as opposed to an external call? Is it possible outside the confines of FreePBX in extentions_custom.conf or something?

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

In this case you can use an Ring Group module , with the same settings like you use in Follow Me section , and incoming call direct to this Group. Internall call on 10X will ring as usual only on this extension.

Hope this will help.

Have you tried queue member penalties?

If Ring Group Supported Ringallv2 that would be great.

No i have not tried Ques with penalties. I don’t have a full understanding of penalties, do the delay a particular phone in the que from ringing? can they be set static or are the only dynamically adjusted… like after an agent takes a call?