Multiple Calls Into Extension, But No CW Indication

Hi, everyone. I’ve searched the threads and tried some different suggestions, but still can’t get this to work correctly. Here’s the setup:
Law office with 1 receptionist, 1 conference room and 2 lawyers. All phones are Aastra 9133i. They want the calls to come directly to the receptionist first, then if she doesn’t answer, it goes to an IVR with some options. If the caller doesn’t choose an option (someone’s extension) then it drops the caller back to the receptionist’s extension. Again, it rings but if she doesn’t answer it goes to VM.

I"ve setup the Inbound Trunk (these are 3 analog lines connected to a Rhino 4-port FXO card) so that any DID goes to a Ring Group called RingRecept (only extension is the receptionist’s). The RingRecept allows the phone to ring for 12 seconds, then on no answer puts it to the IVR.

The IVR has 4 options (1 for each extension) and a ‘t’ option to fall through. If it falls through it goes directly to the receptionist’s extension (1001). Once there it rings again but goes to VM if she doesn’t answer.
The problem is that if the receptionist is on the phone, she doesn’t get any notification, visual or audio, of another call coming in to her extension. It simply goes directly to her voicemail. I’ve verified that she has CW turned on, both on the phone (*70) and that amportal.conf has ENABLECW=yes. I’m at a loss as what to do next. Also, if there’s a better way to do the above, for example without a Ring Group, please suggest.

Thanks in advance for any help.