Diff CLID for Diff Extns

Hello … I have some Extns from 6000 to 6099 on our ASTERISK (1.4.41) and my PRI has the Primary number 2348 6000, it has numbers from 2348 6000 to 2348 6099. And our Asterisk (1.4.41) is such configured that if outsider dials ‘2348 6000’ it goes to Extn - ‘6000’, if some-one dials ‘2348 6001’, will land on ‘6001’ extn., and so on.
But while from the ‘Extn. - 6000’ or Extn-6001 or from any other Extn, we make the call outside i.e to someone’s Mobile or PSTN number, it always shows the CallerID as primary number i.e. 2348 6000. How can I send the respective CallerID i.e. for 6000 -> CLID 2348 6000, for 6001 -> CLID 2348 6001, for 6002 -> CLID 2348 6002 …?
Please help me as early as possible.
Thank and regards.

By default, Asterisk will send the raw caller ID of the extension. Your network operator will reject this, as it is not a number allocated to you.

So, first of all make sure that your extensions are setting valid caller IDs for local use. For VoIP, this will come from the phone itself, unless you override it.

Then add code something like Set(CALLERID(num)=…${CALLERID(num)…) to transform this to an acceptable PSTN number. You may have to set CALLERID(ton) as well, as ISDN can have national, international, and undefined numbers. You would probably use unefined, but your provider may require one of the other types of number.

You may still find that your service provider is only prepared to use your pilot number.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
Can you please explain further more for CALLERID(ton)? I could not understand this. How can I set this? And where?

It is possible that this actually has to be set by using prilocaldialplan, see wookieboo.halokwadrat.pl/lang-en … article/11