Caller ID for extensions

I am currently trying to set a caller ID for the extension, which is not working. This is the task i want to achieve: Lets say I have the main phone number “12345” given from the sip provider. When I try to make an outgoing call from the extension number “21”, the receiver should see the caller ID as “12345 21” and not “12345”. My Provider supports custom caller ID or we can say the caller ID set by the asterisk PBX.
Any suggestions, how to make this work?


it’s easy, you only need to modify your dialplan , in file named extensions…conf

I have already tried it by doing some changes in extensions.conf file:

exten => _X.,1,Set(CALLERID(num)=+123452)

this didn’t help. It still only shows the main phone number given from the provider.

If you’ve tried things, then you should provide the corresponding configuration and SIP trace.

You need capture sip packet, see whether your pbx send correct callerid to provider or not

They may not accept the From SIP header being changed but require different SIP header such as P-Asserted-Identity.

I just talked to my provider and was said that it is a problem from their side. It should work fine once they fixed their bug.

But thanks for your replies.

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