Dialplan to setup caller id same as extention number

Hi ,
i have a dial plan that set the caller id with specific number , but i need ot to be modified such as the caller id is set based on the extention number who is dialing out of that trunk

here is my conext below :
==>>>added /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf

exten => _7X.,1,SIPAddHeader(X-PH-destination: ${EXTEN:1})
exten => _7X.,2,SIPAddHeader(X-PH-clid: 123456)
exten => _7X.,3,SIPAddHeader(X-PH-auth: 4673837rhyfh736462)
exten => _7X.,4,Dial(SIP/354688764638@app.plivo.com, 30)

as we see above , the caller id is 123456 , but i need to modify it so that its same as extention , if extention 111111 is using outtrunk CID as 11111
im sure there is some modification needed

thanks alot


thank you so much
it worked :smile: