Asterisk panasonic pbx

hi there,
I want to use asterisk as auto attendant system for panasonic pbx.

so, any incoming call will directed to asterisk and ivr menu will played.
after caller enter given number, call must forward to right panasonic extension.

is there right solution for this issue?

Yea. Throw out your panasonic pbx and swtich to Asterisk. I just did and its going to save me about €5000 this year!

What you want to do will only work, efficiently, if your Panasonic PBX uses ISDN.

Very simply, you will be putting an Asterisk server between your Panasonic PBX and the outside world.

You will then program the Asterisk server to call your Panasonic PBX with different "Called Party Number"s depending on the callers selections in the IVR. You then program your Panasonic PBX to forward these calls to a particular extension or ring group. Same way as you would set it up for DID numbers.

I suspect you will find it cheaper to buy a voice announcer card for your Panasonic PBX, unless you already have some equipment.

1-because I want to build dynamic IVR menu that can interact with database, so I prefer to use asterisk as IVR Server.

2-It’s good to use asterisk as entry point of company’s call but my pbx configuration consist of 4 co line.and my scenario for using asterisk is as follow:
panasonic is gateway and entry point with 4 co line.
asterisk is as 4 extension of panasonic.
when call comes to panasonic it will route to asterisk extension that connect with 4port gateway to panasonic.
asterisk will play greeting and menu for choosing operator’s extension.
caller enter given panasonic extension and now asterisk must hold the caller extension, forward call to given extension and disconnects own extension.