Our enterprise is thinking about doing a multisite asterisk setup between two agencies in two different european countries. Problem is that the latter one won’t be getting broadband in the very near future. Would there be a way to achieve costsavings if AGENCY A buys a virtual phone line in the country of AGENCY B? I mean, what do we get billed if we have people that want to phone to AGENCY B phone to the virtual phone number in THEIR country (forwarded to AGENCY A) instead of phoning directly to AGENCY A? Just the price of a local phone call?

Thanks for shedding any light upon this issue!

can’t add much to your analysis really, that’s how it will work.

the harder part is finding a good provider for the DID you want :laughing:

ok, so how about this follow-up:

DID only have us RECEIVE forwarded incoming calls, but is there a way to have a similar service the other way around? I.e. i wanna call a mobile in AGENCY B, can i call the virtual number in the country of AGENCY B, which automatically forwards the call to the mobile phone?