Diamond hcfpci modem

All I want to be able to do is connect a residential phone line to the card and use asterisk with the asterisk GUI and a browser to set up automatic calling where it will call numbers on a list and playback a pre-recorded message to them when they answer the phone. We have a prayer email chain in our church, but not everyone has a computer and email, so we want to be able to implement this to call those who don’t. Is there a way to configure this voice modem to work or do I absolutely have to use the minimum of a Digium X100P card? Thanks for any insight you can give me.

i’d be giving up on the modem pretty swiftly. if you have a 'net connection handy to the Asterisk box, you might be better off using VoIP … with an ITSP that allows multiple channels … no tie-up of the phone line, multiple callers and much scalable if it get’s very popular.

I was a afraid of that. I’m trying to do this on behalf of the church, so I really don’t have any money to work with but my own. I don’t want to get into having a contract with an ITSP and I’ll buy the Digium X100P off of Ebay if it will do the trick. I can get one shipped for about $30. I do have available to me a Zoom external V.92 USB modem. Is this also out of the question and must I really stick to the X100P to make it work most economically? Again, any expenses are out of my pocket. Thanks.