Dialplan for clic to dial from à extension

Hello everyone, I’m relatively new with Asterisk. I use Elastix distribution.

I have in my office a physical phone and I use Jitsi as XMPP client on my PC.

I wish I could make calls from the XMPP client to my physical phone. I thought I could create a SIP account to connect Jitsi. And by configuring Asterisk (DialPlan?) To ensure that:

When I make a call on Jitsi (example to the 8888888)

  • Asterisk will sound my physical phone first (250).
  • I pick on the physical phone
  • Asterisk hangs Jitsi
  • Physical phone calls 88888.

This is the principle of a click 2 call with the manager if I’m not mistaken.

Is this feasible?

Currently I created a specific context for extending Jitsi in extensions_custom.conf (who will do the click to dial).

But I do not know how to code the rest …

exten => s,1,DIAL(SIP/mytrunk/${EXTEN})
exten => s,2,Transfer(SIP/250)



Did you check SIP TRUNK configuration file i.e. sip.conf ?

If you are using Elastix then you need to manage all from the GUI, you can setup a ring group with both phones or a queue in order to ring them sequentially or simultaneously.