Dialplan for sip phone to another sip phone

Dear all,

I am a new guy and learning asterisk, i have a running asterisk pbx in my office by this we are able to call on 10 digit mobile number but we are not able to call on sip phone to sip phone.So please make me understand about dialplan for calling one sip phone to another sip phone. In my sip.conf peers are started from cc100 to cc150.

Thanks in advance

add a line to your extensions.conf that says something like:

exten => 3323,1,Dial(SIP/cc100)

You need to have a dialable extension number and tell it what SIP device(s) to call.

If you need to support an asterisk system, you will want to have a reference: a good one (that happens to be free) is:

Asterisk The Future Of Telephony

Do a Google search and download yourself a free copy. There is a newer 2011 version, however, I bought my copy and do not know if it is free.