Dial in to make external calls


i am going to be running an asterisk box and i have a question (i appreciate this may have been asked before, ive done some searching but i dont know the technical term)

i have 5 incoming voip lines i want to be able to dial one of theese numbers, enter a pin number (or check the CID) and then get an internal dialtone so i can then call out, having the call recorded

basically i dont want to be dialing costly 0800/0845 numbers from my mobile when i can call into the system then route the call back over my outbound voip service

also on another note… my asterisk server is going to be co located… is it safe for asterisk to be open to the internet or should i setup a VPN connection



voip-info.org/wiki/view/Asterisk+cmd+DISA For the First Part. Perhaps someone else can comment on the security part… Good Luck.

Thanks for your help il have a look into it now

anyone who can answer the security question?

You are fine to have asterisk on the public internet, so long as you have good local security policies.

All of my asterisk servers are running IPTables with the following profile:

Drop All
TCP 22 (ssh) only from our management network
UDP 5060 only from our sip trunk provider
UDP 10000-20000 from the world

Unless there is a major flaw in IPTables I am unaware of, I feel like this is sufficient security for most applications. The only time I would think a VPN would be required is if you were very concerned about someone sniffing your RTP stream.