How to Dialing into asterisk and getting a Open Line

I want to know how can i dial into asterisk from a local number and then asterisk gives me a dial-tone to dial out.

Basically my company has an asterisk server with 6 local lines and 4 vonage lines, so i want to be able to stay from anywhere and dial into the server using a local line and then get a vonage line to make long distance calls?

Any suggestions???

You can do this by using numbermatching on the incoming line on the Asterisk server. Lets say the number is 1234567 and your celphone is 0612345678

This is basically it. You can also use pincodes (see authenticate) but be sure to put the security in place. You don’t want everybody making longdistance and satelite phonecalls on your expend. With some extra lines you can give a couple of seconds after a beep to enter this routine. You don’t need a dedicated number for this.

exten => 1234566/0612345678,1,Answer()
exten => 1234566/0612345678,n,Read(NUMBER_TO_DIAL|||noanswer|3|30)
exten => 1234566/0612345678,n,Dial(${TRUNK}/${NUMBER_TO_DIAL},20,rt)
exten => 1234566/0612345678,n,Hangup()

Thanks a lot.
That worked like a charm. I tied all that to one extension, so basically anyone can call the system from a regular phone phone line and just enter the extension that i created, an it will give them access to a voip line.

Cut cost a whole lot. Thanks much!!!

I understand that you don’t use numbermatching or any other security. Be aware of the risk if you do it this way. If you set your system open to anyone to make outbound calls one day you will have the unpleasant surprise of having a very high phone bill.

Using a voip line is sometimes free for landline numbers but very expensive for calling a mobile phone. Satelite lines for EUR 6,- per minute are favourite as an argument to be very carefuly for setting an Asterisk box open to anyone.

I’m glad to hear that it “works as a sharm”. Thanks for the feedback.