Dial function

Hi everybody,

I have such configuration:

exten => 103,1,Dial(SIP/104,25) exten => 103,2,Dial(SIP/105,25) exten => 103,3,Dial(SIP/106,25)

What I want to do:

Assume that phone which has number 104 is turn off. When I dial on 103 number, asterisk try choose first 104 number.
But this phone is turn off, and nobody will pick up. Choosing number 104 take time ( 25 second). Is it any option in Dial function which allow to pybass phones which are turn off or busy without waiting 25 second?

Not in the dial function. You can use the qualify feature to detect offline SIP phones, but that is done from sip.conf.

David, thanks for reply !

It is working now :smile: