Cancel DIAL(SIP/11&SIP/12) by one phone

Hi there.

I’m a newbee with Asterisk and I have a problem with an extension and two phones on this extension.
There is an desk phone and a dect device both linked to one extension.
If the extension is called there is an DIAL to both phones.

If I want to decline the call on one phone the other is still ringing.

Is there any possibility to change that behavior?

Thanks and best regards!

I don’t think it is configurable.

If this is an ordinary DECT phone, i.e. analogue, there is no way of signalling a decline to Asterisk, or anything else. Declining will simply silence the ringing.

If it is a SIP device, does it return a buy everywhere status? I’m not sure that the Asterisk Dial application treats this specially, but I certainly wouldn’t expect any other way of rejecting the call to be treated that way.

That’s too bad…

Actually both phones are SIP / IP Phones (SNOM) and there is a 486 BUSY response if I dicline the call, but DIAL will not terminate but keeps ringing the other phone.

I thought there is some option flag i didn’t found yet thats tells dial to terminate the call when it got the BUSY response from one device.

Thank’s for any ideas and answers!

It is possible that such an option has been added since the version with which I am familiar, however the correct SIP response code to indicate the situation you describe is 600, not 486.

okay, but that’s not possible with my snom. All it’s possible is to switch from 486 to 603 wich means decline.

Thanks david!

603 is OK. The key is it has to have a 6, not a 4 or 5.

However I don’t promise that app_dial.c actually treats that case specially. You may have to contribute code or propose a bounty for someone else to do so.

486 is “Busy Here”, which only means that the phone sending it is not usable. I indicates that another phone might still be free.

It does not treat it specially. Even then a 603 is also emitted by phones that hit a timeout on ringing, so it’d need to be an option as not everyone would want that behavior to occur.

That’s really a bug in the phones then, as any 6xx should indicate there is no point in trying anywhere else.

All academic, though, if Dial doesn’t distinguish between 6xx and 4xx when calling multiple destinations.