Problems with Dial

I’m having a problem using the Dial command, we have multiple phones being specified as options to Dial. When a call comes in all seems to work ok. When a second call comes in all other phones ring as expected (and can be picked up ok etc). But if the person on the first call hangs up their phone does not ring and the call has to be answered on a different phone.

in extensions.conf I have:

In the global section I have entries such as “DESK0=SIP/desk0” for each phone, then in the correct incoming context (from IAX) I have:

exten => ,1,Dial(${DESK2}&${DESK3}&${DESK10}&${DESK11}&${DESK12})

Can anyone see a way I can make the phone that was on the first call start to ring after the first call has been hung up? I was considering a loop to dial the phones but I read that this can cause problems if the phones need time to clear the current call before accepting a new one. Or would this be resolved by using call queues and a ringall?

The phones we are using are Atcom AT-320 (SIP firmware 1.54) and the Linksys SPA901 (firmware 4.1.12(a)) and Asterisk version 1.2.13 from source.


Weird problem… I wanted to do that exact same thing… I debated using the dial command but rather opted to create a queue with those sip phones in it… A queue will give you alot more flexiabilty if need… You also will not have this problem…

Just my 2c…

Thanks SuperX, I’ll move over to using queues when I get the chance next.



did you experience slow dialing in AT-320?
its like when you dial any desired number it takes more or less 10 seconds
before it will connect or you hear the called party ringing. it seems it wait for another input from user. could i reduce the digittimeout on it?

but after dialing the desired number and then press either “#” “call” key
there is no problem