Dial-by-Name Directory

I have set up our Company Voicemail and Extensions conf files so outside callers can access our employee Directory by either first or last name when they dial our main number - this works well. I cannot figure out how to allow our INSIDE employees to access the same Directory

I found the configuration in my Asterisk O’Reilly manual. Their modification to the config file talks about exten => 3,1,Directory(default,incoming,f) - this is for first name.

I put this in our “Incoming” context and it works well.
I cannot figure out what the config should be or where to insert it so our INSIDE employees can get the Directory.

Can someone please help ??

Thank you,
Sal (sfdpkmm )

You have your internal phones (extensions) pointing to some context in extensions.conf. If you have SIP phones, then in sip.conf for each extension you have, for example,


which means this SIP extensions point to [internal] context in extensions.conf. The same for analog phones, you have it configured in zapata.conf.

I think you have two options. First one is to have the same or similar

exten => 3,1,Directory(default,incoming,f)

in [internal] extensions.conf context (whatever context name you have in your configurations). The second is to include “incoming” context in [internal] (whatever name you use), like

include => incoming

thus you will have access to Directory application. The first probably is better if you want to control accesses of employees.

Hope it helps.

Thank you very much - It did the trick.
Thank you.