Directory special functions

Per the information below, I tried to create an ‘o’ extension, but was told it isn’t a valid extension number. Can anyone help with this?

-= Info about application 'Directory' =-

Provide directory of voicemail extensions

  Directory(vm-context[|dial-context[|options]]): This application will present
the calling channel with a directory of extensions from which they can search
by name. The list of names and corresponding extensions is retrieved from the
voicemail configuration file, voicemail.conf.
  This application will immediately exit if one of the following DTMF digits are
received and the extension to jump to exists:
    0 - Jump to the 'o' extension, if it exists.
    * - Jump to the 'a' extension, if it exists.

    vm-context   - This is the context within voicemail.conf to use for the
    dial-context - This is the dialplan context to use when looking for an
                   extension that the user has selected, or when jumping to the
                   'o' or 'a' extension.

    f - Allow the caller to enter the first name of a user in the directory
        instead of using the last name.

Which version of Asterisk?

Did you try to create it with:

exten => o,1,…?

If not you probably need to ask on the forum for the GUI through which you tried to create it.

I did not try the command line, I’ll try that, thanks! :smile: