How to create dial-by-name directory?


I am running Asterisk 11.18.0 and it’s main function is a SIP gateway. I would like to implement a dial-by-name directory on Asterisk but I don’t want to use the voicemail features at all as those are handled by our email server (Microsoft Exchange). I’d like for people to call in a be able to search for someone by name and then have Asterisk pass the call to the appropriate extension. Is this possible?

I’m been reading about the Directory() application and it looks like this is what I need to use to achieve what I want but that requires that I configure voicemail.conf. Can I configure voicemail.conf even though I don’t plan on using voicemail on Asterisk? If so how would do the config look like? If someone could provide an example that would be great.

If someone has another idea or method to create a dial-by-name directory, all ideas are welcomed.

Thanks for any help you guys can provide!

Create a voicemail context in voicemail.conf and put your entries there, and make sure your calling of the Directory application references that voicemail context.

In that context, you’ll want something like:

101 => 1234,Bob Jones,

Thanks! I did exactly that and it works exactly like I wanted.

Is it possible to make the Directory() app play different sound files instead of the default? I want to play a custom prompt when people call the Directory().

Negative, not without modifying the source of the Directory application itself.