Dial By Name Directory use "0" to dial the receptionist

Good day,

I was wondering if there is a way to allow the “Dial By Name Directory” to use “0” to dial the receptionist. On my client’s current Auto Attendant, if you dial “0” it will go to the extension of the receptionist. However, if you go into the “Dial By Name Directory”, and hit “0” it goes to a completely different extension. Please let me know what I should modify to get this working.


Yes. See the output of core show application directory

Ok, I looked in the CLI before posting and all I see is the calls being transferred to other extension not the receptionist. Please do not post on my forum if you do not have a intelligent solution to my problem. I’m a novel linux user and know the basics. I need to know should I :

A: Edit voicemail.conf file because that’s were the “Dial By Name Directory” looks to transfer the call
B. Edit extensions.conf and add a “0” to route calls to the receptionist.

If A or B is the answer then what should I do? I need a better response please!