Dial By Directory application and ARA db issue -- FIXED

When a user enters * while the directory is playing its initial introductory instruction message to EXIT out of the Dial-By-Directory application, its supposed to send the caller into the “a” extension of the same context where the call entered the directory() app. This works great when configured in a text file config.

When I have the callflow configured in the ARA database, it keeps telling me:
“Can’t find extension ‘a’ in current context.” when there is an extension “a” configured in ARA DB. I tried adding the extension “a” in the text file config where it calls the Switch => Realtime for this context. That does not work either.

false alert …

I discovered i was doing something wrong when calling the Directory application. I keep forgetting you cannot use commas to separate out the arguements in ARA configs. You must use a “|”.

so using Directory(vm-context | dial-context) fixed it. Originally i had Directory(vm-context,dialcontext). ARA does not like that.