Design Consideration For Secure Astrisk PBX

I am a totally New to Astrisk, and our company now needs a solution to set up a Astrisk system with the below features.

PABX system will reside in our data center with all users need to connect to the PABX over the internet using inbuild VPN’s in the phones. There will be few phones within the datacentre but majority of the users will be remote users who will connect the phones over their home ADSL/internet. The solution has to be secure and we can buy private IP if needed.

Since i am very new to this , any help in getting in getting the relevant design/deployment documentation and relevant hardware/Phones etc to support this type of scenario will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

If you have to set this up for your company, and your are totally new to asterisk, I would advise you to get an consultant to help you.

And yes, you might get someone on this forum to help you, but the question you ask is "please help me, an asterisk starter, to set up a full secure phone system, that will be used by a company… "

You have to realize that the Asterisk knowledge acquired by the forum members has cost time and somtimes money, dcap certification costs money.

So, my advice is, while waiting for the tips, start with reading the book “Asterisk the future of telephony”, or start looking for an consultant.

Good luck.

Asterisk: The Future of Telephony is outdated. It has been replaced by Asterisk: The Definitive Guide.

Thanks, another book to buy… :wink: