Building a new pbx. Help needed

I want to build a asterisk pbx with voice mail included! For private use, to learn the system and practice.
What do I need and how.
I have a ‘old’ windows pc that can be used.
All other computers are mac’s. (on which I need to be able to answer the phone.)
Lines: 1 ISDN 2, 1 analog (ziggo), 2 voip (xs4all).
How can help me, prefferable local.

Ik zou graag een asterisk centrale bouwen met voice mail ingebouwd. Voor prive gebruik om het systeem te leren kennen en mee te oefenen.
Hoe doe ik dat en wat heb ik nodig.
Ik heb een ‘oude’ windows pc die gebruikt kan worden.
Alle andere computers zijn mac’s.
Liefst een lokaal iemand die kan helpen.


We can support you learning of asterisk and please send us mail regarding the requirement so that we can send you the configuration document for asterisk.


I can help you if you need advice on what to do, what to read and how to do it.

A good start is downloading the asterisk book and read it so you know a little bit what telephony and Asterisk is actually about. (see:

A very good source for starting is the asterisk guru website (see:

An old pc will do fine for starting and learning. Start simple and go from there. Don’t use a gui because that will only learn you how to use the gui and will leave you with nothing as soon as a problem arises. As soon as you understand the context, extension priority concept you will find out that making nifty dialplans isn’t that hard.

If you are stuck just post the concrete question as a reply to this post and I will see if I can help with a quick answer.

Groetjes en succes!!