Test system for feasibility


We are a small consultancy company with most of our staff working from home much of the time. We are all on broadband with static IP addresses, and we also have lots of pc’s that would run linux. I am investigating the feasibility of having a small asterix box at each consultant site, so our internal communications would be improved, and incoming customer support calls could be transferred from our head office. We currently have a VPN which most of our consultants use.

Is this feasible?

I am intending to initially set up a very simple system with two asterisk systems, one at my home and one at the office, to check how it works, get over firewall issues etc.

As this is just a test to see how it works. Is there any kind of express/simple install I could follow?

As we have VPN links in place, I have questioned the need for several Asterisk boxes.

Would it be feasible to have one central Asterisk system and then simply give users soft phones so they can use existing hardware?

Quinny :confused: