Dell Poweredge 1950 With A TE412


I am looking to use a 1950 running Asterisk and aTE412 as an IAX/PSTN gateway for my Asterisk servers throughout my WAN. Please let me know if my specs are up to snuff.

1 Zeon Dual Core 3Ghz
1 Gig of RAM
2 80 gig sata HDDs Raid1
Dual Power Supps

Will this handle 4 PRIs without issue? Any one else using similar specs?


that should be fine. And if you aren’t encoding (g.729) it will be more than fine. You can also check out the wiki page asterisk dimensioning for more info on setup capabilities…

I dunno.
Personally i think its much better to get a cisco and let him do the transcoding, this is what i do and i have no problems, no to mention i can do wonders with dialpeer configuration.

but thats just my taste, and i still have shitloads to learn about *.

good luck to you!!