Dell PowerEdge SC420 running asterisk?


Has any one had any experience running asterisk on a Dell PowerEdge SC420? This server seems good value and ideal for the small office asterisk setup?

Any thoughts on using the above server in these circumstances would be appreciated.

Thanks for your consideration,


Have used several so far to setup systems for customers as favors without incident. We have also used PowerEdge 750’s for those desiering rackmount variations with equal success.

Great systems, especially at the price point. For 4-12 trunk setups we use the P4 2.8Ghz, 1MB RAM, 2x40GB SATA configurations with great success.


So far the only issue we have had with the model has been the inability to figure out how to leverage the built-in software/hardware RAID of the SATA controller. It appears they have Red Hat Enterprise 3 drivers that should work fine, however our Linux skills are a little lacking in this regard and technically we are running the white box variation of that os (CentOS).

Additionally, I have recently read a couple threads with discussions about the “possible” incompatibility of some of Digium’s T1 cards with the PowerEdge 750 - however, don’t know the merits of that arguement if any - no mention of the SC420 in that thread.

Hi Devguy,

Thanks for your response.

The price point is a major issue when selling a PBX and if a server can be had for under £400 it certainly helps make the sale. I assume the SC420 would run Fedora core 2 ok?

Thanks for your consideration.


Bullet proof. We’ve run RHEL 3, Whitebox Ent 3, CentOS 3 (all are the basically the same obviously) as well as Fedora without issue. Nice part about using the Red Hat Enterprise 3 versions is that Dell provides full driver support for the system that way (e.g. CentOS used in the Asterisk@Home distribution).

We will be purchasing one soon :smile: Look forward to using it :wink: