Delay on outbound calls

Hi… I’m new here… I 'm trying to use asterisk… Good software…

I have configured in office 4 extensions:
1000, 1001, 1002, 1003
And 1 trunk to make inbound and outbound calls.

It works… but on outbound calls I have a 6 seconds delay… and during this time I can’t hear nothing… after 6 seconds the call works fine…

Can someone help me, please?? :blush:

Thanks Mirko

This sounds like a dial delay in your sip phones themselves. Sip phones don’t behave like ‘normal’ phones - as they only send the dialled digits to your server after either a set time (could be 6 seconds) or when a ‘dial’ key is pressed.

What phones are you using?

A common method to force dial is to press # at the end (eg. 901457820055#).