DECT for Asterisk?

Hi everyone,

Although there are lots of Asterisk compatible handsets, I am looking for compatible DECT base stations and DECT handsets. The main reason for this is because I cannot install structured cabling in the premises.

Digium can’t/won’t recommend any. Does anyone out there have any experience of integrating DECT with Asterisk?



They behave the same as the corded phones using the same interface technology. Both SIP and analogue base stations are available.

Hi David,

Thanks very much for your reply. I think you may have misunderstood my post. I understand the technology and how it works very well, what I don’t know is which DECT base stations are compatible with Asterisk. At the moment I am considering Gigaset N510, Polycom “Kirk” and possibly a SpectraLink.

Does anyone have any experience of using any DECT base stations with Asterisk and therefore any suggestions on which are good/bad to integrate?


Polycom Kirk Works very good and works very well with Asterisk

The real question would which ones don’t work. I would be surprised if any don’t work.