Using Asterisk with cordless DECT handsets

I want to know whether Asterisk can pose itself as a DECT handset to the DECT controller? If yes, then how?

Thanks in advance…

Your subject seems to have the opposite meaning to that of the body!

Asterisk is pure software; air interfaces require hardware. Your problem, therefore, is finding suitable hardware. Are there any modem adaptors for DECT?

Yes, you are right… I am looking for a suitable hardware which can talk to Asterisk and also act as a DECT 6.0 based cordless handset to the DECT controller.

Smilar to the way in which a normal wired phone can be connected to the Digium hardware (Zaptel card containing FXO/FXS ports) which can talk to the Asterisk software…


I think you mean this:

Those devices would match the subject line, but the body seems to be asking to provide DECT FXS access, i.e. there is a DECT base station, connected to the PSTN and he want to make calls through that using the DECT air interface, from the PABX.