Using Asterisk with cordless DECT handsets

We have a hub which uses DECT 6.0 technology which is connected wirelessly to custom made cordless DECT handsets.

So, we want to know if any Digium card or any other hardware is available which can simulate our DECT cordless handsets to talk to Asterisk (similar to the way normal phones can be connected to zaptel cards via fxo/fxs interface).

Thanks in advance…

Are you asking if your DECT handsets can interact with an Asterisk Server? If so the answer is probably yes.

Most likely the DECT controller (or base station) plugs into a standard phone port (either multiple analog lines or T1\E1 lines OR it may be able to communicate with SIP

Let me rephrase my question. What I want to know is whether Asterisk can pose itself as a DECT handset to the DECT controller? If yes, then how?

Not that I know of, I would highly doubt it exists.