Dahdi problem with asterisk 16

I install dahdi and test well following the website below. However, there is no init script to restart dahdi. Besides, I can’t even find any dahdi command in CLI. Anyone can help?

systemctl status dahdi

Unit dahdi.service could not be found.

m*CLI> dahdi show status
No such command ‘dahdi show status’ (type ‘core show help dahdi show’ for other possible commands)

OS: centos7
asterisk version: 16
dahdi version: 2.11.1
03:02.0 Communication controller: Motorola Wildcard X100P

I would recommend trying this page for installation instructions, Voip-Info is woefully out of date.


I do follow that instruction but result is the same. May I know how to restart dahdi without init script?

Stop Asterisk.

Use modprobe -r to remove it.

Use modprobe to install it.

Start Asterisk.

Note that dahdi is device driver, so doesn’t actually start or restart.

i hope the solution explained by david will work because it’s best way of doing it …after you try that if no result you can do another work around way, which i applied in one server (CentOS7-Asterisk13) … it’s going to /etc/rc.d/init.d directory on a working old dahdi - asterisk- linux server … and copy the file named dahdi and paste on the new asterisk server on same directory, because maybe the dahdi installation was not done properly … just in case save somewhere else the existing dahdi file in case you need to bring it back . reboot the server and see if you have a change on dahdi with command systemctl status dahdi or with command /etc/init.d/dahdi status

Thanks for all. Return to the main problem that I follow the link below to install dahdi.
[https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Installing+Asterisk+From+Source ]

pci:0000:03:02.0 wcfxo+ 1057:5608 Wildcard X100P

However, system log keeps displaying:
kernel: FXO PCI Master abort
and X100P card doesn’t detect incoming rings

Any clue to trace the problem?

That’s a bad error, and errors like that - low level hardware compatibility issues between the X100P and newer motherboards - were why we moved away from that design. If you need a low-density analog card for use with Asterisk, we recommend our A4A (PCI) or A4B (PCI-Express) cards. Besides getting a much better card, your dollars are going towards supporting the ongoing development of Asterisk, and even the funding of these forums.


[quote=“Rioz, post:1, topic:76660”]

I saw somewhere this way to solve the problem with same type card as yours, i did not try myself that, so depends if you like to give a try

Motorola Wildcard X100P

install dadhi wih: pkg_add -r dadhi .
install dahdi-kmod with: pkg_add -rv http://ftpmirror.your.org/pub/FreeBSD-U … 0rc5_6.tbz

edit /etc/rc.conf add lines:


Save and reboot the system.

Those instructions don’t seem to apply to the OP’s use of Centos. They appear to be for a completely different operating system.

I saw it was for FreeBSD , but you know sometimes some parts of configs work also on other operating systems so i just made a suggestion , maybe he can give a try to make some changes … i did not said it will work.