Dahdi Firmware Source RPM

Hi Guys,

I apologise if this isn’t the correct forum to be posting this message in but I’ve been trying to build the source RPM packages for asterisk current and part of the requirement is to build and install dahdi. I have all the requirements necessary and all the packages appear to have built correctly, however when I attempt to build libpri it complains that I am missing the dahdi-firmware package. Can anyone confirm that they are also having the same problem and if you have managed to fix it and how? Or if possible can someone direct me as to where I can find the dahdi-firmware src rpm package.


I’ve been using the packages located here: packages.asterisk.org/centos/6/current/SRPMS/

you can download dahdi from :
packages.asterisk.org/centos/6/c … i386/RPMS/
and install the rpm.

Thanks for the reply James. Still seems as though even that package tree is missing the dahdi-firmware rpm. Even if I was to install libpri using those rpms there still isn’t much guarantee IMO that the dahdi-firmware would be present. Reason I say that is because whatever dependencies those rpms have been built with should be identical to what is in the source rpms. So in my mind they should provide and work the same as the compiled rpms.

The firmware is not provided in source and is not built at the same time as the Linux drivers.

One reason for its being separate is that it does not have an open source licence.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. So I am guessing that the workaround for building the libpri source rpm is to remove dahdi-firmware as a prerequisite then? As a side note, essentially all of the software that I install into my servers I build from source rpms. It’s a preference thing so that I can be sure that the system I’m installing said rpms into use and are dependent on the libraries that are available for the distribution that I’m using.