Asterisk and dahdi-tools on fedora25

I’ve just upgraded a server we use for asterisk to fedora25 and noticed asterisk-dahdi doesn’t install and the dahdi-tools package is missing. I’d like to install asterisk-13.9.1.

I’ve been using it on fedora since at least fedora13, compiling dahdi manually with every kernel upgrade.

I think I also saw a reference about the fedora package being deprecated? Perhaps it’s been replaced by something else?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I posted this message the other day. Just following up. Does no one have asterisk running on fedora25?

There are maiybe only half a dozen people who regularly read these forums. The chances of any of them having it on Fedora are negligible.

The package repository we had has been discontinued for quite some time. I can’t speak for packages directly from Fedora. The people I know manually compile everything, or have their own spec file and make their own RPMs.

Thanks for the info, guys. I guess I’ll grab an older SRPM and update it manually to the latest, ugh.