Dahdi driver usage for an E1 circuit with no signaling

Dear Sir
I am not an expert and I am wandering if I could rely on a Dahdi dirver to manage an
E1 circuit with no signaling at all. I am not sure if it does make sense. But if it would
any suggestion or help is welcome.
Thanks in advance for your time.

No separate D-Channel for signalling ? Yes, DAHDI can do that.

Thanks for the aswer.
I have to handle an E1 with no signaling at all (Only four vioce channels inside E1).
Unfortunately I have to manage a signaling not on a separate D-Channel but on a serial interface.
I might to be able to process what’s on the serial interface to convert it on somethink suited to be interfaced with asterisk.
Can asterisk handle such scenario (voice via DAHDI channel and signaling on a different way)?
Maybe it’s only crazy …
Best Regards

DAHDI can probably handle the media side, but Asterisk won’t be able to handle the signalling or integrating the signalling and media.

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