DAHDi Card won't pick up calls

I’m trying to setup my Asterisk box to pick up incoming calls using a TDM410 card and DAHDi Module. I have two incoming lines from an Arris TM604G module with two different phone numbers in a call hunting configuration.

I can place calls with two other lines but when somebody calls my incoming numbers, DAHDi won’t pick up the calls, it just rings forever.

Is there a specific configuration to do? It used to work fine when I had my Bell phone lines but now I’m using Cogeco and I cannot pick up calls.

I have included a picture so you understand my current setup better:

I would like to include my configuration files but I don’t know where they are.

Thank you.

I would try contacting Digium’s technical support. They are best equipped to help you with locate your configuration files and trouble shoot this problem.

Just reading your description, it sounds like an Asterisk configuration issue. If DAHDI is able to detect the ringing but is not picking up the call then either I’m misreading your description or something is not configured to pick up the call on those channels.

But regardless, there won’t be much assistance anyone can give without configs and/or console output when there is an incoming call.

I do something similar for intercom like functionality with Asterisk. My T1 is configured for e&m signalling, and in chan_dahdi.conf I added the lines

signalling = em
immediate = yes

before my channel/context declaration.

I originate the dahdi channel into a conference, and without the immediate = yes, dahdi could never be originated (would just ring forever). I don’t know if this will work for you but it sounds similar.