Dialtone_detect not working in DAHDI

Hi there.
Recently I bought Wildcard TDM410P PCI card with 1 FXO port in order to make and receive calls on PSTN analog line.
I’ve been playing with it for 3 days now, and it looks like I cannot configure it to detect hang ups of remote party. Maybe my telepfone company doesn’t send the appropriate signal on hangup.
But I’ve noticed there’s a nice option in chan_dahi.conf dialtone_detect that should hangup the channel if dialtone is detected.
But in my situation it just doesn’t work. I make a call from mobile to asterisk, IP phone starts ringing, I disconnect the call on mobile phone, IP phone still rings for few seconds (until ringtimeout is reached). During those few seconds when I answer the call in asterisk I hear dial tone (the line is ready to make a call), but nothing happens. chan_dahdi is not detecting it.
The same happens when I use waitfordialtone=1000; When I set this option I cannot make a new call from asterisk because dahdi claims there’s no dial tone on the line.

So how dial tone detecting is supposed to work? Should I set something more then loadzone=pl in system.conf?
Does it detect only US dialtone?

I’m using asterisk 13.15 and dahdi 2.11.1-35-g76ad75f.

Just noting that this issue was reported on JIRA for continuity: https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-27033