Dahdi and libpri for asterisk

hello all,

i read from some tutorial of installing asterisk that must installing dahdi and libpri to make asterisk work properly. can i use asterisk and it work properly without installing dahdi and libpri in asterisk ? are both important for making asterisk work properly ?

i’m using ubuntu Gnome (with GUI) for the server.


If you don’t need to connect to a BRI/PRI/PSTN line then you can just compile asterisk.

DAHDI is also required for the meetme application, as that was designed for conference bridging provided by the hardware, and relies on software emulation in DAHDI. More recent conference call applications do not need it.

It also used to be needed for internal timing, but alternative methods now work properly.

libpri is not needed unless you have primary rate digital trunks.

This is the wrong place to ask about additional requirements imposed by GUIs.

thanks for replying @astbox astbox and @david551.