Customized webinterface?

Dear all,

We would like our customers to be able to change basic settings via a very simple, basic webinterface in the future.
I.e. creating a new extension, change an existing extension etc.

We currently use FreePBX to create extensions ourselves, but we think this is too complicated for customers and there is too much room for possible mistakes.
However, FreePBX is great for our own use to configure the PBX.

I am looking into the possibilities to create a customized separate webinterface and have been googling how to set this up, however I find it rather difficult to draw a conclusion after reading lots of information.

What is clear is the manager API (TCP 5038) has to be used to connect the webinterface to Asterisk.

From there there are a few possibilities according to me:

  • Create an extension in FreePBX and check what files change on the PBX (ie sip_additional.conf, extensions_additional.conf).

  • Other possibility (from what I’ve read is to change the Asterisk db (astdb) in realtime, but I’ve also read this could give some issues with FreePBX.

Can somebody help me out on this matter or point me in the right direction ?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


I did some further research.

It seems FreePBX is not very easy to change (besides colors/lettertypes etc) and is not supposed to be running together with another gui. See … management

However, according to … /gui-guide
it should be not too difficult to create or change a gui for either Asterisk or AsteriskNOW.

Can anybody tell me if this is indeed the best way to go for when we would like to build a custom gui ??