Custom Voicemail Options

My business currently has an Octel system that is quickly approaching end-of-life. I’ve successfully deployed an Asterisk solution (really just VM) that looks like it will work and integrate nicely with our Avaya system in a test environment.

I’ve searched Google and this forum (and a few other places), and I’ve learned that it’s possible to modify the voicemail options but there doesn’t seem to be any more detail than that. For example - in Octel, Save is 7 and Delete is 3. My natural fear is that a user is going to press 7 on the new system (thinking they’re saving the message) and Asterisk will delete it.

Is there a configuration file somewhere that I’ve overlooked that will allow me to change the numbers associated with different Asterisk function, or am I stuck modifying and recompiling source code? (Which, honestly, probably won’t happen due to time).

Thanks for any and all help. If I’ve overlooked this question/answer, kindly direct me to the thread.


The MiniVM application affords a bit more flexibility. app_voicemail, though, isn’t user customizable; you’d have to open it up at the C-level to allow user customization of button mappings.