Custom Call Routing Question

I have been doing research on this and could use a little help. I would like to configure the system so that after hours, when somone needs to contact the emergency after hours cellphone that they can press 4. The system will then respond with “please hold while we transfer you to our emergency after hours support” and then dial the #. I can get it to say the above but unable to get it to turn around and dial an outside line. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


The simple dialplan below will do just that (add to extensions.conf)

exten=>4,1,Wait,2 [size=75]<–this will cause a 2second wait so the beginning of the audio that follows does not get cut off [/size]
exten=>4,2,Playback(please hold while we transfer you to our emergency after hours support) [size=75]<–replace content in parenthesis with your audio file[/size]
exten=>4,3,Dial(SIP/cellphonenumber@outboundcontext,30,m) [size=75]<–replace ‘cellphonenumber’ with your cell phone number and ‘outboundcontext’ with your outbound context to be used to dial out, the ‘50’ indicates that it will dial your cell phone for 50 seconds before hanging up, and the ‘m’ enables the caller to hear musiconhold while he’s been transfered[/size]
exten=>4,4,Hangup [size=75]<–Hangs up after dial attempt with no answer or voicemail[/size]

I hope this helps.

I assume the outbound context will by my Trunk # correct?

Yup, the context under which your outbound trunk is registered.

that works as an extension, how about doing it from within the auto attendant?

This should do it: … oattendant