Transfer confirmation and dialout extenstion

Hey folks,

Been using * for the last few months with good results, however there are two things i cant seem to figure out how to do. (with my limited “free time”)

We currently have our support line dial the local SIP extension and if everyone is busy or MIA we send the call to our cell phones. The problem being if one of us is out of service or turned off the call goes direct to our personal voicemail. What i am looking to do is make a user confirm a call before it connects. Something like hit # to accept this call, and if they dont then it keeps ringing the other numbers.

second thing is how to allow users to dial into * and then have enter a number to be called from *. This way we don’t have to pay the crazy international rates o our cell phones, and instead use our outbound IAX2 termination.

My setup is inbound and outbound via IAX with SIP phones.

Thanks in advance for the help.