Csv cdr not working

I’m using Asterisk 1.8.11-cert8 , and have enabled only the basic csv type of cdr.

this is my cdr.conf file:


; Define whether or not to use CDR logging. Setting this to “no” will override
; any loading of backend CDR modules. Default is “yes”.
unanswered = yes

usegmtime=yes ; log date/time in GMT. Default is "no"
loguniqueid=no ; log uniqueid. Default is "no"
loguserfield=no ; log user field. Default is "no"
accountlogs=no ; create separate log file for each account code. Default is “yes”

;usegmtime=yes ; log date/time in GMT. Default is “no”
;loguniqueid=yes ; log uniqueid. Default is “no”
;loguserfield=no; log user field. Default is “no”
;accountlogs=no ; create separate log file for each account code. Default is “yes”

when showing CDR status, I keep seeing “cdr-custom” although not configured:

*CLI> cdr show status

Call Detail Record (CDR) settings

Logging: Enabled
Mode: Simple
Log unanswered calls: Yes

  • Registered Backends


result: no CDR’s are stored in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-csv/Master.csv

HOWEVER, when changing the cdr.conf file, by uncommenting the [custom] back-end in stead of [csv], then I do get proper CDR in /var/log/asterisk/cdr-custom/Master.csv

please advise how to get basic csv working - since this is where Asterisk GUI is looking at for the CDR view.

Has no one answered this yet?

I too have this issue with 1.8.15-cert1 (CentOS 6)

Basic standard install.
I tried adding the load to modules.conf… but this shows up in the logs:

loader.c:403 load_dynamic_module: Error loading module ‘cdr_csv.so’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/cdr_csv.so:

The file does not exist in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/!

I adjusted cdr_custom.conf and uncommented out the default mappings… That works like a charm. I would like to get the standard CDRs working as well though… Has any one got any ideas on how to solve this?