Creating extensions begining with *

Note: Firstly my asterisk, has no zaptel card or hardphone.

I want to create a *70 extension to check voice mail, however my softphone I get an invalid URI when it is dialed. Is there something else that I need to do to have this extension work?

Need more info on your environment. Is your softphone connected to the Asterisk? What is its default context? And how is that context configured in the /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf file?

Or are you using Asterisk@Home?


The context is called ‘intern’ and the extension is ‘2202’. I can dial other softphone on the network, but dialing an extension that starts with * does not go through.

Still not enough information. We need to see the section from your extensions.conf and the output from your logs or the output from a verbose CLI.

Sorry about that Muppetmaster, I managed to resolve the problem with some help from Scott Laird. Using the command: sip debug peer I noticed that when the *70 calls where made it looked for it as *70@local . My local context did not have *70 extension… it was located within the inter-post context. So I made an include that linked them and it worked.

Thanks though.