Zap no DID problem

I have my asterisk box talking to my ISDN line. I’m trying to set up my extensions.conf so that any incoming call will be directed to 1 particular SIP extension.

I have this in my extensions.conf file:

exten    =>   s,1,Dial(Sip/MyPeer/3001)

exten    =>   s,1,Dial(Sip/MyPeer/3001)

When I place a call to my number I can see it coming in from the Asterisk console but it tells me:

If I change my extensions.conf to remove the ‘s’ from the beginning of the [pstn-in] context i get the following message on incoming calls:

My carrier is not sending the DID on my number, so I’m guessing why Asterisk is telling me “Extension ‘’” etc… But why does it not dial my SIP extension when I tell it to route all calls with or without a number (using the ‘s’ in my exten)?

Any help would be appreciated,


you could use “exten => _X.,1,Dial(” etc to match any extension

i tried adding that, but it didnt seem to make a change.

I’ve been playing around with the extensions and i’ve found that this seems to work:

exten   =>      s,1,Dial(Sip/MyPeer/3001)
exten   =>      s,2,Hangup
exten   =>      ,1,Dial(Sip/MyPeer/3001/)

It seems that I need to have the Dial directive in there twice or else it wont work. If I remove or change either of them the call does not go through and I’m told that extension ‘’ in context does not exist.

what context are you putting this in ?

sorry, it’s in the same context as before, my [pstn-in] context

and zapata.conf is pointing to this context (it must, just want to check)

can you post your log for a call to this channel ?