Local extension dialing help?

I have a CentOS 5.2 server with the latest version of asterisk running with a softphone and a voicepulse trunk and everything works great for inbound and outbound through the trunk but the voicepulse sip.conf and extensions.conf files (provided by voicepulse) dont take local extension dialing into account. I have read the extensions.conf notes thoroughly but I dont see how to setup local extension dialing. I am trying to call the extension 205 from my softphone to record an IVR menu but every time I call 205 from the softphone, I get the extension not found error at the asterisk CLI debugger. Here is the code that I have added to extensions.conf:

exten => 205,1,Wait(2) ; Call 205 to Record new Sound Files
exten => 205,2,Record(/tmp/asterisk-recording:gsm) ; Press # to stop recording
exten => 205,3,Wait(2)
exten => 205,4,Playback(/tmp/asterisk-recording) ; Listen to your voice
exten => 205,5,wait(2)
exten => 205,6,Hangup

I have created a default context and put the above code in it, I have done it in a local context too and nothing works. I did do the reload command after my changes. Please help with local extension dialing rules.

Thank you

do you have a line like this in your dialplan?
exten => _2XX,1,Verbose(1|Extension ${EXTEN})

This makes asterisk recognize 200-299

No. I don’t.

What context would that go into?

Thank you.

I would try this in the [internal] and [incoming] contexts
exten => _2XX,1,Verbose(1|Extension ${EXTEN})
exten => _2XX,n,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN},30)
exten => _2XX,n,Hangup()

Might need to change SIP to something else.

You could also just try your original snippet in [default] and [incoming]

You already have a priority 1 line for the extensions, a wild card match will either make no difference or break things, depending on whether it is in the same or a different context.

There is nothing wrong with your dialplan as shown, so I suspect it is in the wrong context for the incoming calls.