Simple extensions not working?

I just want to set this up so I can call in (from external POTs lin) and have the option to pick an extension where to route the call, or maybe ever have it prompt me what number to call (like a phone proxy)… just playing around… but I cant get any form of extensions to work…


context=default ;context to use
type=peer ; user type
fromuser=1xxxxxxxx ; callerid number
host=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ;host to contact
fromdomain=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ; domain you’re on
nat=yes ; network address translation (set to yes if you have problems)
insecure=very ; security level
qualify=yes ; require password (we do require this)
dtmfmode=inband (needed on BOTH ends to allow keytone passing)
dtmf=inband ;

heres my extension.conf :
exten =>.,1,Ringing
exten =>
exten =>.,n,Answer
exten =>
exten =>5,n,Dial(SIP/dave)

I just want it to direct the call to the SIP(softphone) dave, when someone enters 5… but watching the asterisk logs, it says its times out… no matter what I press, it doesnt seem to want to take any of it.

any ideas???