Creating A Time and Temp Number on Asterisk

Hi all, i would like to create a time and temp for my asterisk, can anyone tell me how to get this done? Thank you

Time should be too trivial to justify needing help here. The trouble with temperature is that the only directly accessible temperature monitors monitor components of the system that generate significant heat,so are above ambient temperature. Even then, the ambient temperature is probably that of an air conditioned room,and you probably want outside temperature.

You can get USB thermometers, some with a remote probe, but cable lengths are probably not long enough to get to a shadowed area outside, and the sales pitches aren’t clear about how the data is made available.

Possibly the best medium techie solution is an amateur weather station with computer interface. A more techie solution could probably be achieved with a Raspberry Pi, or Arduino.

Once you have the temperature, as a string, in a file, or readable with a shell command,actually speaking it should be straightforward, from the Asterisk documentation.

What does ‘temp’ mean to you?

  1. Outside your office?
  2. Inside the server room?
  3. Inside your beer fridge?
  4. Inside the server?
  5. At the local city center?

1-3 could be handled by a RaspberryPi ZeroW with a DHT11/22
4 could be handled by sensors on the motherboard.
5 could be handled via an online weather source.

Ok thank you both for your responses

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